What I do

As an energy healer, artist and poet with a background rooted in the mystic traditions of the Ovate, Druid and the Bard, the work I offer has three primary streams. 

One to explore the stories that we tell about ourselves or others and how they shape our experience of life, secondly to support deep healing and inner transformation through connection with the Divine, and thirdly to inspire the emergence of wisdom, a clear seeing of reality as it truly IS, a return to wholeness and our natural state of being.

How I do it

With over twenty years experience of the world’s wisdom traditions and meditative practices, ranging from Shamanism to the Indo-Tibetan Buddhist teachings of AtiYoga, Reiki, VortexHealing® and Body-Based Psychodynamic therapy, cutting edge research into the quantum field, mindfulness, deep compassionate listening and focused inquiry into the resolution of suffering, I offer a comprehensive system of support for your process of inner transformation that is uniquely tailored to your needs. Clients often mention how what occurs is simply magical, as they touch upon something within themselves that words cant describe but that undeniably transforms them on all levels. In every aspect of the work I offer, my intention is to support you to foster a deeper connection with that unspeakable depth of who you truly are. Born out of this intention healing occurs, what obscures your wholeness falls away and your innate brilliance emerges. I offer a loving hand along the way and guidance to point you home to the truth of what already lives within you. As it is my greatest pleasure to support others in awakening to their true being and to witness how that changes lives, as old wounds and trauma let go into love and freedom – leaving space for new possibilities and ways of being in the world to emerge.


Merlin’s Heart – The Alchemy of Love

Often, we think of magic as something that only exists in fairy tales, as something unreal or make believe, but magic is all around us, we need only look with an open heart at the miracle of creation, the absolute wonder of life to know that magic is real.

Magic is what created all of this, manifested something out of nothing.

When we appreciate life as magical, ourselves as magical, the world as magical, a subtle yet profound shift emerges, somehow we begin to open to life in a new way, we realize life to be far more mysterious, far more sacred, far more precious than we could possibly define. Every element of life becomes filled with an awareness of that ‘living mystery’ from the most practical everyday tasks to the most subtle and sublime experiences of what we might term the transcendent. The extraordinary becomes ordinary, the ordinary – extraordinary.

Living magically, we embrace every aspect of life, and the simplicity of our presence, our active and intimate engagement with life as it IS – is healing and transformational. From another perspective we could call this dropping the argument with reality, letting go of control and our ideas of the way things should be. As we realize the cause of suffering in our own lives and the world around us is simply to be found in our fight with life, our close-mindedness, opposition to, and disconnection from reality, ourselves, and one another.

The Alchemy of Love invites you to discover this magic…

More than simply a healing art designed to offer the resolution of physical, mental and/or emotional issues, its core focus is to generate the deepest possible movement of healing that is possible, a movement from out of our root experience of separation and suffering into the experience of inner freedom that is at the heart of our being. Transforming the lead or shadow of our inner pain and struggle into the gold or gift of what it is to truly live a rich, joy and grace-filled existence that is of benefit to the greater whole.

Simply put – it is about living magically.


What people say

Aminya’s work is excellent. His work has profoundly supported me many times. I very much appreciate his exquisite integration of deep sensitivity and welcoming with a laser clarity and very powerful grounding.

Neo Heart, Artist - Alchemist

I have received sessions from Aminya many times in my past and have been profoundly transformed in so many more ways beyond what I had imagined was possible. His gifts are literally out of this world!

Anaiya Sophia, Author and Contemporary Spiritual Teacher

In my wide experience of the field of healing, I count Aminya as one of the very few human masters. Whatever is arising for you, Aminya can assist you in creating life-affirming changes as part of your bigger journey to wholeness.

Kush Modgil, Lawyer

Faced with a life or death medical emergency I asked my husband to contact Aminya for assistance. Defying all medical understanding the next day I was discharged from hospital with a full bill of health.

Leila Sinaki, Health and Body-Mind Coach

Aminya’s professionalism, knowledge, and utterly profound intuition are like nothing I have experienced before. The impact of his work has brought an ease and freedom to my existence that is beyond what I could have imagined.

Sarah Canfield, Therapist

Aminya is quite extraordinary. Working with him is like grounding thunderbolts of energy that leave one deeply in one’s heart with a huge awareness of the possibilities and potentials of what it really means to be human.

Ammaprema Grace, Sound Healer