About Awakening Heart

Gifted through the grace of Divine Mother, Awakening Heart is a gentle yet powerful holistic healing system that utilises divine energy and consciousness to impact all levels of the subtle energetic system, body-mind and psyche, supporting you to awaken from out of the limiting beliefs, feelings and behaviours which obscure the full expression of your essence and which are the source of pain and suffering in your life.

This dropping away of the structures through which you had viewed yourself, life and others, leading not only to greater mental, emotional, energetic and physical well-being, but also unveiling the deeper reality of your heart’s essential nature, facilitating a re-alignment with Divine Flow and the potential of new possibilities that express the fullness of your true nature. As in awakening from out of the illusion of separation from Divinity, life, other and the world you can experience a true depth of intimacy, connection, oneness and love that transcends any concept and come home to what has always truly been wished for, sort and searched for, the Heart.

The focus of Divine Intention which expresses through all aspects of Awakening Heart being to facilitate this kind of home coming and to reveal the essence of your true nature, releasing that which obscures or somehow otherwise veils it, so that you can act from what is real, honest, free and true, live in alignment with Heart and subsequently realise greater joy, health, emotional well being, genuine fulfilment and peace within all areas of your life.