Consciousness and Healing

Consciousness contains and constantly reflects the stories that we reference within order to identify who it is we perceive ourselves to be, how we see others or the world. So it acts as a kind of ‘road-map’ by which we navigate through life, influencing our choices and driving our habitual response mechanisms to circumstance. For example, if we hold an image of ourselves as someone who is ‘unworthy’ we are likely to approach life from a position of the apparent unworthiness and the choices or decisions we make will reflect this. In order to truly heal our issues we thereby need something that can transform consciousness, our basic sense of self-identity and the sense of I am my issue or story about myself.

From experience we can appreciate that trying to do this from the level of the intellect is not an easy task, if we feel unworthy we may try to convince ourselves that we are worthy in some way and perhaps have some level of success with this, as we bring awareness to the experience(s) that originally caused us to formulate that image of ourselves and see it from a new perspective. But without a clear guide of how to navigate that process it can become all to easy to simply cover up one story with another, to disassociate or compensate with something that we believe gives us a sense of worth but ultimately does not resolve the issue, and so at best simply offers a temporary solution or ‘breathing space’ from feeling our emotional pain.

So, purely through grace Awakening Heart provides a means by which we can transform the root of separation consciousness which sits at the core of every story we hold about ourselves, our self-image, beliefs, views, concepts and ideas about others and the world. As Divine consciousness meets with our own consciousness, our self-image, or identity, and the stories we have accumulated about ourselves over countless lifetimes of experiencing ourselves as someone separate to the rest of life, this dynamic inter-action between what IS the essence of life and the local field of the individual brings about a transformational process through which the ego-identity dissolves, and awareness blossoms into a conscious recognition of the stories that have motivated the course of our direction in life, how it is we may have kept ourselves small, limited, or contracted in some way, believing that it is safe to do so, and such is the only way in which we can survive or have our needs met. Then we are supported to let go of those stories, to compassionately meet with and resolve the issues and circumstances of our lives which may have been judged, rejected, or otherwise denied in some way.

This opening to us a tremendous depth of inner freedom as we realise that we are not defined by our stories or our past. Making us much more available to what is here and now, fresh in the moment, and supporting us to act in accordance with what is our highest potential, rather than the motivational forces of our conditioned response to circumstance.