Frequently Asked Questions

Awakening heart to Heart – Living the Fullness of you – here…

Embracing both the immanent and transcendent aspects of Divinity – Awakening Heart offers us the potential of realising what it truly means to be human, to truly embody Divinity through our humanity and live from that place of a whole recognition of reality. Reaching the point of that embodied realisation is the process it unfolds as it supports the generation of greater inner space, encapsulating every facet of our experience here as a doorway into liberation, from the healing of dis-ease through to facilitating the emergence of clarity, wisdom and insight regarding the challenges that may be met with within life in order that they may be navigated with greater ease and grace. Supporting our individual and collective pathway of evolution through personal one to one sessions which address our issues, as well as  courses, and work that reaches into the group psyche of humanity within order to facilitate the process of transformation there, so its reach directly meets and yet simultaneously stretches beyond the story of just one person within order to embrace all of humanity – as Holy Mother and Divine Father recognise us all as their children.

What Can I expect from a Session?

Every session will be entirely unique to your own particular needs or circumstances at a given time but there is a certain frame-work to each session that offers a focused space of holding and support in which you can let go and receive the healing in the most ease and grace filled fashion. Commencing each session you will be encouraged to express what it is you are wishing to transform within your life, what is it that you want to step into or achieve, where it is you may find yourself challenged or unable to move forward, or very simply even just to name an issue that is currently of concern to you, then your practitioner will compassionately guide you into a gentle and open-hearted exploration of what you have expressed in order that you can gain further insight and clarity around such. Usually this will take the form of a single word that you can consider as being the ‘distilled essence’ of the intention that you have brought to a session. This ‘word’ then being then used as a kind of ‘doorway’ through which the various different energies or healing tools which your practitioner works with enter into your consciousness and body-mind, directly pin-pointing the core of what it is you wish to address within your life.

How these energies are experienced can vary widely from person to person and even from session to session dependent upon a variety of different factors. You may feel or experience seemingly nothing at all, or a whole host of varying different energetic sensations, heat, cold, tingling, buzzing, inner visions of colour, lights, images, past memories, or emotional release of some kind, etc, but whatever you may or may not experience in regard to these energies is ultimately less important than the result of you receiving them.

No practitioner no matter how skilled can guarantee a particular result and just as each person’s experience of the energies will vary so will the results gained. What can be said though is that the result of any session is deeply transformational, often going beyond what can be described, as even the simple action of receiving love, being compassionately held and acknowledged, witnessed, seen and heard within the space of the more challenging aspects and circumstances of life can be deeply healing. As those aspects of the psyche which may feel they have been abandoned, ignored, rejected or forsaken in some way are given a voice and lovingly welcomed, so the entire system can relax, let go of contraction and where it may have become stuck in the past, unable to let go and move on – into the life that is wanting to be lived.

Awakening Heart is a gift of the Divine Mother and subsequently expresses the motherly quality of boundless love and compassion, not the love  of the human condition filtered as it is through various issues and layers of conditioning but true love free from condition, and it is this that ultimately touches the heart within every session, supporting it to open more deeply to its source, and a letting go of the self-protective armouring that has been built up around it – as an expression of withdrawal from life, so what can emerge is a greater depth of intimacy, connection, authentic self-expression and health, as the psyche, body-mind and subtle energetic system is no longer held in contraction, separation or survival consciousness, but truly begins to thrive and experience the simple joy of life.

What can be worked on?

Ultimately speaking anything that presents itself as an issue in your life, a situation, pattern of dis-ease or illness can be addressed.

Given the capacity to work with Divine consciousness even at the foundation level the ability to access and clear the core aspect of any issue (that is ultimately rooted within ego-identity) is present and this further evolves with each level of training – enabling this to be cleared from deeper dimensions of where this sits within the psyche, subtle energetic system and body-mind, the impact of this being tremendously transformational within terms of the inner freedom from conditioning that it generates. This being one of the key components of what makes Awakening Heart so powerful as a healing art or transformational tool as it is not only working with energy and the energetic or physical manifestation of patterns of conditioning but also with the consciousness that has given rise to dis-ease or distortion within the subtle energetic system and/or body-mind. What we mean to refer to by consciousness here being separation consciousness or the basic sense of self-identity, the sense of I am – my issue or my story about myself. For to really clear any issue, we need to let go of our identity with it, the sense of separation at its core, so we are no longer caught up in and attached to it as a part of who or what we believe ourselves to be.

Working with Divine consciousness enables this to take place. This is only half the picture though, as our consciousness is fully present within every aspect of our subtle energetic system and body-mind so whatever is held within our consciousness conditions and manifests itself through them. So Awakening Heart also provides a variety of tools that can work with the subtle energetic system and body-mind within order to clear, energise, release, optimize, re-balance, harmonise, or strengthen different aspects of it, work through the genetics, the psyche, with situations, inter-personal relationships, to bring in different qualities such as love, peace, compassion, truth or stillness, etc, or simply to bring deeper clarity and understanding as to the highest potential manner in which to move forwards within a particular area of life. Each level of training offering new tools that enable the healing to go deeper and for greater and greater levels of inner freedom to emerge, creativity, joy, and depth of intimacy with life.

Both including and beyond any intention you may come with ultimately the underlying goal of every session being to bring you into a place of greater Heart, health, connection, and capacity to live from the fullness of your being. Whatever the entry point into that may be, whether it is through the healing of dis-ease, a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issue, or something else, purely through grace Divinity has provided Awakening Heart as a healing art and path of awakening that embraces and offers support to every aspect of the human experience of life.

Do I need a personal Healing Session or a Course?

Ultimately this depends on what you are looking to achieve. A personal session can stand alone as something you receive within order to support you at a particular point within your journey of opening into greater well-being, health, and freedom from your conditioning, emotional or psychological issues or it can form the perfect introduction to the deeper process of healing and inner-transformation that is made available through the courses.

So the question could also be, how deep is it that you are wishing to go in your process? A personal session can have far reaching effects within your life that are often even seemingly magical within terms of what can take place, however they are different to what takes place during a course. A course offers you the complete recalibration of your subtle energetic system, consciousness and body-mind in a manner that cannot be achieved through a personal session, evolving them as vehicles for the expression of greater light, depth, creativity, truth, and heart, deepening you within the process of the discovery of who it is you truly are and the unique contribution you have to make to the world, your passion, and your joy. Each of the courses together formulate an entire path of self-discovery that leads you home to what you have always been searching for, you come to discover your-self, and unfold the deepest aspect of healing that is possible – namely to awaken to what you are beyond every label, concept, or level of story. Though wonderfully proficient at supporting healing within all areas of your life, courses offer you much more than just the healing of mind, body, and spirit, they offer you the opportunity to step into real and lasting freedom, to spiritually awaken, and to live that awakening. Another benefit of you choosing to embark upon the journey that is offered through the courses being the sense of community, companionship, mutual support and friendship that grows between the various participants, and the various healing tools that you are provided with as something you can work with to support you own process and that of others, or go on to become a practitioner.

What are the benefits of taking a Course?

Each course offers you deep healing that is uniquely tailored to your particular needs and facilitates a process through which your subtle energetic system, body-mind, and consciousness are developed to hold more light, bringing them into a greater focus of alignment with Divinity, and opening you to your true nature.

Much more than can be adequately described within a few sentences therefore takes place and most participants describe what takes place as beyond explanation…

From the very first stage of training the core focus of what this particular healing system uniquely offers as the opening of heart to Heart is taking place, this being a process which is often accompanied by the resolution of patterns of dis-ease, pain-filled physical symptoms, emotional and/or psycho-logical wounds – bringing deep peace and relaxation, and a quality of stillness and inner silence with deep reaching implications. As the mind lets go and something deeper emerges – participants finding that they begin to step out of old patterns of conditioning, circumstances, and repetitive cycles in their lives, which may have kept them feeling trapped and unable to truly live the lives they know they have the potential to open into. So life becomes something that is experienced with greater freedom, joy, passion, connection, and intimacy, as participants begin to awaken to deeper dimensions of themselves, that awakening feeds the discovery and expression of their clarity of direction and sense of purpose in the world. New opportunities arise as there is greater inner freedom to embrace life, and to truly live in a way that is not just about survival but rather about truly thriving, truly tasting all life has to offer.

To truly come to know the simple gift of life, to fully live life, is thereby the greatest gift that the courses offer. As you sit embraced by Divine Presence – your heart opens to its source and the transformational power of love touches you, a power that is beyond the intellect, beyond mind, a power that acts in absolute and total service to your process, the betterment of humanity, and the entirety of creation. You come to truly experience love within the fullness of its boundless expression and that which is even beyond love as the essence of what you are.

What are the main reasons people are drawn to take a course?

There are a whole host of varying reasons that people are drawn to the training – for some it may be within order to address a certain challenging issue in their life, develop spiritually, or simply because they have already witnessed the profound depth of transformation that Awakening Heart is able to facilitate through inter-acting with a friend or family member who has received a personal session or embarked upon the course pathway. Others may feel a resonance with Divine Mother, simply know through an inner resonance that this is the path for them, or have already trained in other healing modalities and are wishing to go deeper in their exploration of healing and awakening through what the courses uniquely offer, whilst some may have no conscious understanding of why they are called to the training, but something draws them to take a course and they find their lives begin to transform in this way.

In summary – commonly it is found most people are drawn to the course because…

  • They wish to transform their issues and experience greater inner freedom
  • They wish to awaken spiritually and discover who they truly are beyond the generational or societal labels and stories that they may have ascribed to themselves.
  • They wish to be supported in healing a particular condition or step into greater physical health and well-being.
  • They wish to train as a practitioner

In person or distance training?

Each of the courses are presented within either in-person or distance training via Skype, offering those who may not be able to attend otherwise due to issues regarding travel or accommodation the option of attending within the comfort of their own home. Whether attending in-person or via Skype all students receive the same focus of attention, care, and opportunity to share any questions they may have, and the affect of each of the transmissions is not diminished in any-way through choosing to receive them via distance. Students from many different countries including Iceland, South Africa, the USA, France, Switzerland, Australia, the United Kingdom, and more, have attended courses via Skype, and given voice to the profound depth of their experience of the transmissions and of working with the various healing tools after each class, confirming the efficiency of the option of attending the classes in this way, with some reporting that they even prefer to receive the transmissions via this distance training option as they find the capacity to relax within their own home offers a space that they experience as more conducive to their own unique process of going-deeper with what is offered, whilst others may prefer the sense of inter-action that is unique to attending within person.

Can anyone attend a course?

There are no pre-requisites for attending the foundation level course and anyone within an interest in healing or awakening is welcome to attend. Past participants have ranged from those who are completely new to energy work and the spiritual path to those with a wide depth of knowledge and long history of having studied various modalities. All participants receive the same transmissions, knowledge or information regarding the various healing tools that are provided and how to work with them, and are uniquely met where-so-ever they may be within their own process – supporting them to go deeper within whatever manner is most beneficial to their continued growth and evolution.

What are the Fees for attending a course?

Please Note: The course fees listed below are for UK courses only. Awakening Heart courses held overseas will have variable fees due to the additional costs involved. Course fees include tuition, workbooks and course certification. Students are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements where necessary.

Foundation: Heart-Surrender-Grace (4 days)

Course Fee: £375

Intermediate: Oneness-Truth (3 days)

Course Fee: £285

Living From Truth (5 days)

Course Fee: £465

Advanced: Deep Magic – Quintessence (5 days)

Course Fee: £465