How Does It Work

Given how deeply we are identified with and subsequently enmeshed within our various patterns of conditioning it is not enough that we simply channel divine light toward them. We must develop the capacity to act as a bridge for that divine light and consciousness within order that we can bring it to where that conditioning sits within the system. A tremendous evolutionary acceleration, what could be termed growth or development of the entire subtle energetic system is thereby central to what takes place during the various different transmissions that are offered within classes, as these support the establishment of a progressively deeper and deeper bridging of divine light and consciousness through each students energy system and consciousness enabling them to both receive, hold stable and channel more light, as well as bridge this into deeper dimensions. As this process unfolds through the different classes which are offered, this evolutionary acceleration or development of the energy system and consciousness also enabling new tools to be received that reach deeper into the subtle energetic system and body-mind, or which are able to affect it in new ways.

However, this is only the beginning of the process, because as the subtle energetic system evolves and deeper layers or levels of conditioning are transformed a certain kind of what we could term ‘opening’ occurs. As consciousness becomes freer, more open and fluid through the process of the gradual dropping away of identification with old patterns of behaviour, eventually a point is reached where through grace there can be an awakening from out of the fundamental sense of separation consciousness rooted within the ‘I’ or ‘central character’ that sits at the heart or core of each of our issues and stories about ourselves, others, and life. Then true freedom can be tasted, the freedom that is beyond every story, every belief, or concept. As the heart breaks open to reality so we come home to what always IS, what we have always been and are, never lost, simply forgotten.

Fundamentally speaking this is then the ultimate goal or purpose with which Awakening Heart was gifted to us, within order that we would be able to awaken beyond separation consciousness, each of our patterns of conditioning, issues, belief systems and concepts about reality, and truly come to know ourselves as we are, to live that fullness, that richness and depth of Heart that is simultaneously boundlessly transcendent and fully intimately present here.