Spiritual Awakening

Our general experience is one of being a localised, personal, separate self, a particular ‘I’ or ego. Given this we tend to live from out of a position deeply based within survival, fear of annihilation, competition and the attitude of me and other. This then serves as the fundamental basis of all of our struggles and conflict, all of our emotional pain and suffering, all of our sense of isolation or inadequacy, and all of our striving to somehow make ourselves safe, acceptable, lovable or to belong and fit in.

All sorts of methodologies have been devised to somehow improve this apparent ‘I’, to somehow make this apparent ‘I’ feel better or to give this apparent ‘I’ what it desires from life. Whilst these methodologies can indeed create a certain temporary level of greater ease or comfort, the flaw in their working is that they maintain the illusionary existence of an apparent ego or separate self and healing is only able to go so deep as long as the apparent existence of the ego which is the basis for all our pain and suffering maintains itself.

Thereby what is required is something that can awaken us from out of the trance of believing ourselves to be this separate self or ego. Spiritual awakening is what offers this and so creates the real possibility for us to finally liberate ourselves from each of our issues. Then instead of living life from out of all of the pain and suffering of an apparent separate someone who is struggling through life, we open into a new way of being in the world deeply rooted in recognition of our true nature, opening us to a richness of profound intimacy, connection, love, clarity and wisdom as we come to see ourselves, life, others and the world as they truly are.

The focus of Divine Intention which flows through all aspects of Awakening Heart being to facilitate this deepest movement of healing, restoring health and emotional well being as well as facilitating the process of awakening to our true nature.