Unique Aspects

Generally, it is that most healing systems will focus solely upon healing and that most awakening paths will focus solely upon awakening. Awakening Heart combines both as a unique blend of complimentary elements whereby it is awakening supports healing by breaking down the core focus of identification with each of our issues and healing supports awakening by releasing the issues which can obscure deeper recognition of the true nature of reality or draw us into acting out from what is ‘unconscious’ with us rather than consciously awake and embodied in presence. Further-more it is certain patterns of energetic tension which hold our issues in place can only release once there has been a sufficient depth of awakening and so healing can only go so deep without awakening also being part of the process. This also coming into consideration within terms of the depth of healing tools that can be worked with as a certain level of awakening is required for these to be received during the varying different classes. This leading back to the recognition that if we really wish to be free of our issues it is not enough to simply heal their symptoms or how it is they manifest within our lives, we need to fundamentally awaken from out of the core position of how we are identified with them and furthermore from out of the root of ego-identity that gives rise to the sense of separate self.

This short extract from the Intermediate Level Manual offering you a deeper sense of what is being spoken about here in terms of what Awakening Heart uniquely provides as a path of embodiment, of birthing and of living the fullness of your essence here…

As The Magdalene is The Grail, The Womb, the Divine Egg or Ovum, so such is fertilised by the presence of The Christ, The Seed, giving rise to the Virgin Birth, a birth that is virginal as it is not born from the world of causality and so may be seen as the manifestation of that which is unborn and thereby undying into existence. If we allow for an opening into the deeper meaning of what this signifies what we may come to directly experience is thereby the understanding that what the Virgin Birth embodies as a key aspect of our own respective journeys of awakening is to be found within the ‘birth’ of the Christ Consciousness within our own being. The spontaneous arising of grace breaking through the structure of perceptual space-time reality within which we operate based upon our own and humanities collective patterns of conditioning, attitudes or belief systems and entering into our consciousness. What we may come to realise is that which the Virgin Birth symbolises is the entrance of something not born of mind or conditioned thought into our reality, it is so to speak the opening of a doorway through which we may begin to perceive the reality of the true nature of existence, the opening of the heart into a direct experience of the absolute majesty, wonder and mystery of life, when we are touched deeply by simply the beauty of this moment. So the Virgin Birth can be seen to be such a moment, a moment in which we open into the recognition of something that is not a thing, something indescribable and non-contained by thought, imagery, sensation or any conceptualisation.”