The Healing Journey

In life it is natural for all of us to want peace of mind, greater health and well-being, a deeper sense of intimacy and connection, true safety and security, often however we struggle with achieving these goals or we find ourselves over-whelmed, lacking motivation, and seemingly stuck within the same repetitive scenarios…


Embodied Awakening

For the most part people tend to live unconsciously, motivated simply by their conditioned habitualĀ patterns of behaviour, attitudes, and beliefs, disassociated from reality, and in avoidance of their issues. This isn’t to shame or to blame anyone, this has simply been the common human condition, and society has not educated people…


Radical Aliveness

Just below the surface of our everyday experience already vibrantly alive within each one of us resides the potential of a life lived with an abundance of deep pleasure. Freely available without question, demand or expectation, hidden in plain sight, a pleasure that does not rely upon us achieving, gaining, becoming or relinquishing anything…


The Path of Love

That which you seek you already are, closer than close, here in this moment free from any form of condition or circumstance the ground of your being is always present. Commonly we look to change, to become bigger, better, brighter versions of ourselves, but what if for one moment you were to turn your attention…

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