At the root of Awakening Heart is the focus of intention to support a return to the natural state of wholeness that is your essence or true nature. Opening you to the possibility of living your life with greater freedom, health, peace and well being, by releasing the patterns of emotional conditioning, energetic blockages and negative beliefs patterns which veil or otherwise somehow obscure the fullness of your Heart and its expression.

This awakening of the Heart is fundamental to all of the work Aminya shares within each of his sessions and manifests itself within several ways…

Restoring balance, clearing and strengthening the energy system…

Living with the daily circumstances of life can greatly stress our well being, emotional, psychological and physical health deeply impacting the quality of our energy, leaving us susceptible to dis-ease and a lack of motivation, tiredness, fatigue and bodily tension. Releasing this stress and its impact on the subtle energetic system can thereby be very nurturing, energising and restorative in nature, bringing us into a place of much greater harmony and ease from which we are better able to be present with and respond to the circumstances of our lives.

Embracing life – deepening your capacity to be present…

Living from the space of a clear, balanced and harmonised energetic system provides us with a solid foundation from which to be more deeply present in the world as we find ourselves more readily able to meet and respond with wisdom rather than habitual reactivity to the circumstances of life. As it is we feel balanced within, grounded and rooted, held and supported, whilst simultaneously open to receive the energy, guidance and inspiration of the Divine so whatever situation we may find ourselves within we are more readily able to come from clarity and what is true within our Heart rather than to feel ourselves pulled into drama and lose connection to our core.

Opening the heart to Heart 

As it is that we find the process of healing opening our heart to what is real and true, we discover a greater depth of freedom in relation to what may have previously challenged us, our perceived limitations and faults, and what we experience as being the obstacles within our lives. Somehow we find that they no longer have the same kind of hold on us that they use to and we begin to experience a greater depth of inner space around our emotional positions and attitudes towards life. Through a continued dedicated process of inner work, we  come to experience that what we had previously experienced as obscuring our true nature falls away and that we are able to begin to live from a totally new space of inner freedom, to take a new direction in life that is not bound by our past, beliefs, concepts, self-image or stories, a path that is more deeply aligned with our essence and the beauty of our Heart. In this way healing opening us to discover a greater depth of our potential to live a life that is truly fulfilling, vibrant, rich,