The Wild Heart

As with each moment of each passing day individually and collectively we bear witness to the accelerated degradation of the field of our socio-sexual, political, religious and educational structures, faced with the on-going realities of global poverty, war, famine, human and environmental exploitation across the Earth…

There is the calling to achieve a level of personal transformation that ultimately impacts upon the global reality, a form of transformation that provides both deliverance from personal suffering and a clear understanding of how changes at the fulcrum point of individual awareness will impact upon the field of the collective – manifesting as planetary conscious evolution and freedom for all.

Far simpler yet infinitely more profound than can be imagined the answer lays within each one of us. 

The Wild Heart calls this answer into action.

Love In Action 

Our Wild Heart opens us to the transformational power of love and true intimacy with life, awakening us from out of the trance-like-state of separation which drives the experience of dis-connection from our true selves. By engaging with what it offers we…

  • Let go of habitual conditioned patterns of behaviour – opening us to freedom and authentic response in the moment.
  • Release layers of egoic identity – awakening us to our true nature and its inherent qualities of peace, joy, love and creativity.
  • Activate the natural healing mechanism within our body – bringing us into alignment with the flow of life.
  • Access deep wisdom beyond how we have learnt to view the world – opening us to clearly perceive reality as it truly IS.

True Nature

During a workshop we explore what it is to re-wild ourselves, to drop the masks and structures we have been conditioned into living from, to return to our naturalness, open, free, at one with nature and the immanent presence of the Divine here in all aspects of life.

Earth - Embodied Presence

Embodied Presence invites us into deep intimacy with what is here. As we let go of habitual patterns of avoidance, distraction and disassociation – we come home to ourselves and the simplicity of what happens when we simply allow ourselves to show up as we are. Key to this is ease and trust in the inherent benevolence of life – transforming the core survival fear which drives the patterns of competition and control that set us in conflict rather than co-operation with what IS. This furthermore bringing healing to our root system, which in turn re-orientates us into an awareness of our true foundation, a deep reverence, love and respect for the Earth and the bounty it provides.

Harmonizing us with the natural rhythm of  life – Embodied Presence releases us from the artificial constructs, masks and persona’s we have generated within order to navigate through life from a place of feeling disconnected from our true home or ground and fundamental stability. Its essence is that of openness and the magic which arises when we feel unconditionally welcomed, nothing to be, do, relinquish or attain, as we are rooted in the unquestionable knowing of being enough just as we are.

So we relax out of our patterns of struggle, effort, resistance or control and enter Divine Flow…

Water - Divine Flow

“The very softest of things can ride like a galloping horse through the very hardest of things, like water through rock – thus the invisible enters in”. Lao Tzu

Whatever issue(s) we face – we can assume that in some way they contain a resistance to the natural flow of life. Divine Flow invites us to soften, to melt, to let go our rigidity, to open and move with the organic rhythm of what IS. As we lay down our argument with reality and ideas of the way things should be, so we lose our arrogance and become humbled in awe of what life is showing us – as an ever present wise and compassionate teacher.