What is it that you truly wish for, beyond each of your surface level desires, wants or needs, what is calling you to discover it, embrace, find, and live it? To truly answer this question is to discover who you are, to let go of the contracted self-image of who it is you have been conditioned to believe yourself to be, the habitual patterns of behaviour and fear based attitudes that have kept you from fully living the depth of your potential, it is to step into an embodied realisation of your essence and come to embrace all of what life has to offer, to experience greater connection, intimacy, wisdom, clarity, and compassion, discover love beyond condition and true freedom. If you are interested in asking yourself this question then an Awakening Heart course offers you both the tools and the support to dive deeply into the discovery of its answer, and this journey of discovery begins with The Foundation: Heart – Surrender – Grace.

As a gift of Divine Mother, Awakening Heart embodies and transmits the qualities of boundless love, wisdom, and compassion, unconditionally meeting you exactly as you are within each moment. As it is within the space of that unconditional and welcome embrace a powerful, potent, deep, and lasting transformation can take place, issues rooted within fear, withdrawal, self-protection, and survival consciousness begin to unravel and drop away in order that you may step into a place of greater inner authority, truth, peace, joy, and well-being. What was previously obscured by patterns of conditioning and self-identification reveals itself, and your experience of life changes as you are touched by the powerful, potent and deep-acting presence of the Divine.

The intention with which Divine Mother gifted humanity with this system being to open heart to Heart, to awaken the heart to its Source within order that we may come to discover a way out of suffering, separation, division, competition, and strife, a means by which we may come to truly thrive, and know ourselves as we truly are, an embrace of the deepest movement of healing that is possible – to come to discover the truth. All of what is shared through the process that unfolds over the entirety of the training programme(s) is thereby over-lighted, guided, and directed through the compassionate, loving-focus of the Divine Mother, specifically designed to gracefully unfold, evolve, and deepen this journey of inner-discovery, and provide what-so-ever is necessary to facilitate it within the optimal fashion for each participant.

For some, a personal or group healing session which addresses a particular issue within their lives is all that is sought. However, given as more and more people are witnessing the depth of transformation that is available through receiving this work within the form of one to one or group session work, many are now choosing to more deeply immerse themselves within the process that the courses uniquely offer as a complete re-calibration of the body-mind, subtle energetic system and consciousness. Opening themselves to a discovery of their true nature and the depth of what becomes available to be lived from the space of that recognition.