Course Pathway

The Heart Sequence

Each of the courses that are offered follow a sequence that has been specifically designed to unfold the inner process of awakening the heart to its source. It is thereby fundamental that they are taken within the correct order as each build upon and supports the other – collectively constructing the entire path. This pathway consists of the following stages:

1. Heart – Surrender – Grace

This course serves as the foundation. Through a series of eight transmissions, you under-go a tremendous evolutionary acceleration of your subtle energetic system and consciousness, deeply opening your heart to the Divine as well as providing you with the core energies that collectively formulate the base structure of the healing system, which evolves and deepens with further courses. More information on this course

2. Oneness – Truth

The Intermediate Level Course. The energies shared within this course are primarily focused upon home-coming, a coming into the body, grounding, presence, and the experience of life – here. What may have created contraction or disassociation away from your sense of being at home, trusting within the holding and support of life, your family, and the wider-family of humanity as a collective is addressed, and healing tools provided which reach deep into the genetics as well as the relationship with mother and father – bringing deep healing to child-hood conditioning and the sense of being held supported here on the Earth, so you ground, you root, you draw sustenance and nourishment from your source, you embody, and come home. More information on this course

3. Living From Truth

The core focus of this course is upon energetic development and deepening the process of awakening the heart to its source. As you sit and meditate – Divine Mother works with you in order to unfold what-so-ever needs to take place in order that you can let go of whatever is most hindering you on your path and evolves your energetic system to hold more light. More information on this course

4. Deep Magic – Quintessence

The Advanced Level Course. The energetic development provided by the prior course is built upon here and enables an extra-ordinary jump beyond what has come before. Deep Magic – Quintessence establishes the creation of a bridge within the spine through which a greater focus of Divine Mother’s energy and consciousness can express itself, enabling healing to go much deeper. Additionally, the transmission of The Philosopher’s Stone is given here, an alchemical tool that is able to transmute conditioning through all dimensions of the heart, and the subtle heart knot is released, clearing what obscures or inhibits the deeper bridging and expression of Presence/Divinity through the form. More information on this course