Living From Truth

This course offers a bridge – serving to generate the tremendous level of energetic evolution that is necessary for those transmissions that are shared within the Advanced Level to be received and deepens everything that has already been presented, further opening the heart to Heart and bridging that through the psyche, subtle energetic system and body-mind.

As you sit and meditate with Divine Mother you are supported to go deeper from where-so-ever you uniquely find yourself within your process at this time and a transmission is received that opens you into energetic alignment with truth as well as a deeper focus of capacity to sense what is reality versus the conceptual structure of reality you may hold within your consciousness. This alignment with truth deeply transforming the brain and nervous system and rooting your consciousness within Divine Flow rather than attachment to the habitual patterns of conditioned behaviour sourced from out of your karmic tendencies within order that you can live from the freedom of your true nature to a greater capacity than you may have found previously available to you.

This transformation marks the completion of this course and is the foundational basis for the Advanced Level, “Deep Magic – Quintessence”, as there is a tremendous level of energetic development of the system as a whole that needs to take place within order that the transmissions offered at this level can be received. What is offered within the Advanced Level being a huge jump beyond everything that has been shared previously as it further builds upon and develops this energetic evolution of the system enabling healing tools to be received which are able to work through all dimensions of the heart, clearing root issues that act as a key-support mechanism for ego-identity.