The Foundation

Heart – Surrender – Grace

This four-day course serves as the start point for the journey that is shared through Awakening Heart. Via a series of eight transmissions you are provided with the core energetic tools that serve as the base from which you are supported to dive into a deeper discovery of your true nature and greater inner freedom, assisting you to transform what it is you may experience as the more challenging aspects of your life and let go of past wounds or hurts that have kept you feeling stuck or unable to move forwards.

This being the core of the gift that Divine Mother has provided through this healing system – to awaken the heart within order that we can truly live as free from our conditioning, our history or our past, the labels, and/or beliefs, through which we define ourselves, others, and the world, we can discover the depth and beauty of who we truly are and live that in the world. Healing of mind, body, and spirit, emotional, or psychological issues naturally forming a part of this, as we relax from out of all of the stress, agitation, and/or contraction involved with trying to simply cope with life rather than truly live it, but what is offered being much more than simply healing within the traditional manner that it has been understood – as what is offered is also the opening of the heart to its Source, a path of spiritual awakening to what you truly are.

In combination with one another the eight transmissions which you receive during the class facilitating a process of the entire re-calibration of your subtle energetic system, consciousness, and body-mind, enabling them to receive a greater concentration of light, which focuses itself through the heart as an opening into Heart, Heart being utilised here as simply another name for Source or Divinity. This opening acting as an energetic bridge through which you are able to access the energy and consciousness of the Divine Mother within order that you can channel her wisdom, compassion, and creative power.

Wisdom offering a clear seeing of reality, understanding and knowledge of the exact nature of any issue and how it may be resolved, opening you to greater inner freedom and the discovery of your true nature, beyond the labels, stories, and beliefs, you may have utilised within order to define yourself, your view of others, and the world, whilst compassion unconditionally holds you, within order that all is welcomed exactly as it is, feels safe, warm, nurtured and comforted. The elemental forces of earth, air, fire, water, and aether – embodying Divine Mother’s creative power as they hold the blueprint through which life comes into manifestation, restoring what has deviated from that blueprint into alignment with its perfect expression of life-force thereby generating greater health, harmony, and well-being. Heart arising through the space of that which has been transformed, awakened, resolved by each of these other frequencies – manifesting new possibilities for your life’s expression in deeper alignment with truth, your passion, and essence.

Each of these transmissions and the bridge that their unified focus formulates sitting as a permanent gift of Divine Mother within your energy system that you may access at any time. The fact you can channel each of the transmissions individually, collectively, or within any possible combination with one another for yourself or others, and that each expresses a variety of unique functions, enabling a wide range of possibilities of what can be accomplished in terms of the healing of mind, body, and spirit, physical, emotional or psychological issues, the subtle energetic system, transformation of karmic/ancestral patterns, and opening of the heart, resulting within greater health, well-being, and inner-freedom, through which life can be met with deeper clarity, purpose, and sense of direction.

Having received the Foundational Level Training you are then prepared to go on and take the second course, “Oneness – Truth”, which significantly deepens everything you have already received as well as provides a further set of healing tools – powerfully grounding the connection which has been made with Divine Mother through the body, healing connection with the Earth, and restoring your faith in the unconditional holding and support of life, so you can be more fully present here, open and receptive to the gift(s), the grace, and the opportunities that are available to you.