The Intermediate

Oneness – Truth

This second level of the Awakening Heart Pathway offers completion to the process initialised within the Foundation Course, powerfully grounding the energetic connection with Divine Mother that is established there through the body, offering healing to your root and sense of being in life. Clearing what may have created you to disassociate, withdraw, or contract, within order that you can be more deeply present, and through that depth of presence – experience life with greater intimacy, trust, faith, and certainty of the assistance that is available, supporting a letting go and relaxation in the knowledge that you are held and safe. Then no longer caught in trying to protect yourself from life or to shut it out in some way, you can truly meet it, your focus shifts from simply trying to survive or get through life to truly thriving, compassionately embracing and welcoming each and everyone of your experiences, and all that life has to offer.

5 further transmissions – deliver a potent combination of energies which reach deep into the cellular matrix of the form, the genetics, your ancestry, maternal and paternal lineages, lifting from the body – patterns of conditioning rooted within child-hood dynamics with mother and father, the masculine and feminine in both a literal and archetypal sense. Offering an opening into the play-filled, spontaneous, and joyous heart of the child, that innocence which is present before being obscured by the challenges, various disappointments and hardships of life, what apparently needs to be done in order to survive, who or what and how you need to be within the world in order to be accepted, loved, or approved of, etc. However, this innocence has nothing to do with a naivety of the world, rather such is a conscious innocence that fully embodies the recognition that nothing of the world touches upon or diminishes in any-way who you truly are. So, you come to more deeply recognise that who you truly are has nothing to do with your past, who or what you were told you are, and/or who or what you were told you needed to be, and in letting go of those old stories, masks, and/or strategies for life, you discover the freedom to truly be your-self, and the beauty of your uniqueness.

At the core of this course is thereby the energetic transmission of the message of the freedom to be yourself, not who you think you are, or who you should be, but truly yourself. One of the primary reasons it has not felt safe to be here, on the Earth, or in life, is because of this sense that there is not the permission or the safety to truly ‘show up’ as you are. As this drops away, a tremendous amount of freedom thereby enters the system.

As with those healing tools you gained within the Foundation Level Course these new tools are provided not only to benefit your process but can also be utilised to support others in their own healing and/or awakening journey, in combination with the eight transmissions from the prior course given you a total of 13 frequencies to work with. Then in addition to these thirteen frequencies – The Heart Web an extra-ordinary tool for global healing and the transmutation of karmic patterns held within the group psyche of humanity is introduced, enabling you to work directly with the Earth’s energetic system within order to support planetary evolution.

Those transmissions shared through the Foundation Level Course opened the doorway of the heart to Divine Mother, here within the Intermediate Level Course that opening is expanded, grounded, rooted, and earthed through the body, within order that it may be more deeply lived.

Leading then into the next course which is offered, “Living From Truth”.