Love On Fire

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi

To know love, be love, share love, is to truly come alive. In the moment our heart opens, we feel a kind of inner bliss that is both still and rich, mysterious, and full. More than just a fleeting glimpse of happiness, we touch upon something larger than the everyday experience of ourselves. Mystics and poets throughout the ages have described this as a kind of communion with the essence of who we truly are or as the place where the Divine and human meet, the building of a bridge which brings the beauty of the Infinite into life within a manner that leaves us forever changed.

Love On Fire is an invitation to this kind of meeting. For in a world where such confusion, fear, and inequality drive the actions of so many, love is the only key to real transformation. In love what sets us apart from one another dissipates, conflict ends, we are connected and able to see ourselves and others clearly without the preconceived ideas that create us to judge and close our hearts to one another.

Love enables us to overcome every issue, obstacle, or challenge. It is love that brings us comfort and inspires us to greater things even when we may feel defeated, lost, or empty. When we learn to access the love that lives within us, we experience the freedom to show up as we truly are and the profound beauty of what that makes available in terms of greater joy, intimacy, and well-being.

During a workshop as the energy of Love On Fire moves through you anything that is not in harmony with love will begin to arise in order to be released, completely transforming your experience of life as you are touched by the presence of the Divine. Mental, emotional, as well as physical healing and release forming an integral part of this process, as whatever barriers you hold to fully receiving Love are met and dissolved, bringing you into the deepest movement of healing possible, an awakening to the wholeness and freedom of your true nature.

An evening meditation offers you a taste of what becomes available when your heart opens and is touched by love.

A two day workshop explores this in a deeper fashion, as several methods are introduced in order to support you to experience this ignition or opening of the heart in a more profound manner, dissolving patterns of blocked energy that keep you from connecting and being fully present in life.

Four day workshops are for those who want to learn how to initiate this ignition or opening of the heart in others. Open to all with any form of prerequisite, they offer a profound transformative experience of learning to work with Love On Fire in order to support healing and inner awakening.

Eight days workshops are an introduction to the 8 month facilitator training program as well as stand alone classes which offer a full immersion in the transformative power of Love, as a life-changing experience that brings participants directly into the presence of the sacred within themselves and all of life.

To love God means to surrender, to trust, to be ready to die into Him, because dying in God is the beginning of a new life; it is resurrection. Love has to become such an intense flame that it burns you out, that you are not left behind, that you are consumed in it. If you are not, the Guest (God) comes.” – Rajneesh

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