Embodied Awakening

For the most part people tend to live unconsciously, motivated simply by their conditioned habitual patterns of behaviour, attitudes, and beliefs, disassociated from reality, and in avoidance of their issues. This isn’t to shame or to blame anyone, this has simply been the human condition, and society has not educated people to know any better.

Unless we are on a conscious healing journey most of us want the ‘quick-fix’, we just want to feel-better and get on with our lives, we tell ourselves we don’t have time to be ill or to really be present with what we are feeling. Mostly we focus on the symptoms and not the underlying cause of dis-ease, we idolize health, beauty, youth, productivity and what we have been conditioned to believe comes with those. Our default is to avoid pain and suffering, so we create all sorts of different methods to numb ourselves to it, ignore or somehow otherwise ‘manage’ it.


What though if we were to bring the presence of love and compassion to our experience of pain and suffering, to really ‘hear’ the message that pain and suffering in whatever form it may take within our lives is wanting to communicate with us? The healing process begins with this, an acknowledgment of what is calling to be seen, what within our lives – needs our loving attention?

This then leads us into a kind of radical self-acceptance, an ability to be present with all parts of ourselves, the so called – ‘good, the bad, and the ugly’, without judging any aspect of ourselves, which subsequently also allows us to develop greater compassion for others.

Often we may feel afraid to feel or express our pain, we may fear being judged, feel that it is too much and we will be over-whelmed, feel ashamed or that it is not safe and makes us feel too vulnerable. Loving kindness and compassion provides a space in which we can thereby feel safe enough to authentically show up in our vulnerability, to show up in our pain, to be present in our body, grounded, earthed, and in connection with our feelings. In the presence of love – we get to show up, to drop our defences, our hearts open, bodies relax, there is connection, intimacy, closeness.


Due to past trauma many of us go through life trying to protect ourselves from getting hurt, closed down or walled off in some way, and so we becomes un-available to truly connecting fully. The process of healing is about coming out of that dis-connection, feeling fully safe to be here, to show up, to connect, to be open hearted, vulnerable, honest and real with ourselves and others, to feel our YES to ourselves and to life, to let go of where we are resisting life, and to really live in the present-moment.

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to suppress our feelings and yet most of us are doing it all the time. As we let go and allow ourselves to feel, to be open and present in the moment, that energy that was previously being resisted or struggled with becomes available to flow in harmony with the natural rhythm of life.

From a holistic perspective – health, happiness and well being are all related to how open we are to that rhythm, how open we are to life, how present we can be, all suffering is seen as a resistance to that flow, a struggle or denial of what IS, which leaves us dis-connected.

For us life is happening here, through the body, within the physical material world and the experience of what it is to truly be human. Some people may look to spirituality as a way to transcend or avoid the physical and emotional reality of life here on Earth but that is simply another distraction. At the heart of spirituality and healing is a kind of inner awakening to the reality of what IS here – Love, Presence, God, Divinity – is not separate from our experience of life here, it is present within our body and on the Earth.

Embodied Awakening is an invitation to step into the direct experience of that, to live it, it is an invitation to come deeply into the recognition of what it is to truly be human, to feel love and presence, the reality of what you truly are in the body, it is an invitation to discover ‘Heaven on Earth’.

All of this – starts and ends with love.

Choosing Love

When we listen only to the voice of our mind often we are motivated simply by what we have been conditioned to believe, our past experiences, fears, wants and desires. Embodied Awakening is about stepping beyond your fears and conditioned beliefs, showing up and choosing love. It is about what happens when you let go of your resistance to life and open your heart.

For a moment just feel what it is like for your heart to be open, for you to say Yes to yourself and life.

This is what we explore together in an Embodied Awakening Session and through Love On Fire.

Radical Aliveness…

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