Love In Action – Evening Meditation

An opportunity to experience the transformative power of love – opening you to a profound healing of past trauma, personal transformation, inspiration, clarity, deep peace, and connection with the presence of the Divine.

Evening Meditations serve as both the perfect introduction to Love In Action and stand alone events that will meet you exactly where you are in life, support you to go deeper, let go, and receive whatever it is that you are needing to be met by so you can step into greater ease, grace, connection, health and well-being.

Through a combination of guided meditation and energy healing you will be supported to open your heart, release the past, and come into the present moment, freeing you to fully be here – open to new possibilities and ways of being in life.

This work is called Love In Action because the most common experience for participants is one of an indescribable kind of Love which cracks the heart-wide-open, melts all barriers, frees people to connect with and feel their inner fire, their YES to themselves and life. Emotional release and physical healing also forming part of the experience, leaving participants with a distinct and palpable knowing of the power love has to transform any situation or type of circumstance within their lives.

The work is a powerful reminder of what happens when we are truly touched by love, simple, yet profound. You let go and let God, and that is where the magic happens.

For further information regarding workshop dates, to register, or if you have any other inquiry please contact Aminya.