Love In Action – Four Day Workshop

Over four days we explore the transformative power of love and the open-heart through a variety of alchemic processes which initiate a rapid evolution of consciousness beyond the confines of how it is you have been conditioned to view reality, opening to Mystery. Habitual response mechanisms, masks, defences, attitudes, judgments and beliefs, and how you have defined yourself through who and what you believe yourself to be fall away – revealing a space in which something deeper can emerge, something untouched by the circumstance of your life, something innocent and free.

We deepen in seeing the world through those innocent eyes, eyes that are open to see the world as it IS, eyes that are open to seeing yourself as you truly are.

We deepen in the open-heart, in love and the power it holds to bring healing and change.

For those who want to learn how to work with Love In Action as a healing modality for themselves and others the four day training also provides this.

Here love is the guide. This isn’t about you learning how to do something, to heal or create change through any kind of pre-determined method, this is about how you show up as love and how that heals, that transforms. The four day workshops are a journey into mystery, openness, surrender, and the discovery of what happens when you let go and allow love to move through you.

Collectively we have been conditioned into living from a place of what we have to do to heal, change or fix ourselves, our life, and the wider world around us, we look for answers outside of ourselves, accumulate more knowledge, ideas and views of how life will look if only we were to do this or that, and if only we were to somehow be different. This work is about the simplicity of what is present in this moment, the simplicity of what being ourselves brings. For you have been made with purpose, with great consideration for the Gift your presence brings to the world.

Being you isn’t something you do, it isn’t something anyone else can do, it is who you are in essence, your true nature.

Learning to work with Love In Action is about this, the gift you are, how you show up as love and how that is a presence of healing in the world.

For further information regarding workshop dates, to register, or if you have any other inquiry please contact Aminya.