“Aminya lovingly supported me to discover the truth of my authentic essence . I have become wholly integrated, no longer have the desire to hide, deny or suppress the beauty of who I truly am, and am able to be fully present with my entire being”. Almitra K – Actress

Guidance sessions are support for what it is to take action in the world from a place that is connected, open, non-resistant, and grounded in the expression of your authentic self. Bringing you home to the simplicity of what is present here, your heart’s wisdom and the transformational power of Divine Grace.

There is a Sanskrit word ‘namaste’, defined as ‘the Divine in me recognises the Divine in you’. This is how we work, meeting in a space where you can be held as you truly are. In essence, our work is about connection, presence, and the development of your ability to meet life. It is the cultivation of a relationship with all aspects of what it means to be human, the seen and unseen worlds, nature, and the Divine that is deeply rooted in love and the depths of your being.

Indigenous societies that have not lost sight of their connection to the living spirit of life would describe this work as what they call ‘the medicine way’, and this work is indeed medicine for the individual and collective challenges we face as we transition into a more harmonious, consciously loving and peace-filled global family. It’s methods are both ancient and new, drawing on the wisdom of a lineage of teachers, healers, guides, shamans, and simple lovers of life, of God, and truth, men and women just like you and I who desired to discover their true nature and live that in the world. It does not require belief or that you follow any kind of practice, it’s magic is in the grace that arises through your simple willingness to show up, be open, and present here.

Direct transmission, healing and meditation are accompanied by stillness and silence as a doorway through which your true nature can emerge, and questions are often answered with questions in recognition of your own wisdom and an invitation to come back to your direct experience in the moment. The work takes place through your relationship with the truth of who you are, the Divine, and the recognition that you are not separate from that, from Divinity, from love, and any part of life.

There is a minimum three month commitment and the fees for this work are £330 per month. We connect every two weeks for a 60 minute session and once a month for a 90 minute session.

To connect and inquire further how this work can support you…


You shall

♥ Receive a solid foundation of support and loving wisdom.

♥ Deepen your capacity to embrace all aspects of life with openness and compassion.

♥ Step into greater inner freedom through the expression of your authentic self.

♥ Recognise and bring healing to your patterns of avoidance.

♥ Develop deeper trust, connection and intimacy.

♥ Discover your uniqueness, gifts, talents, and abilities.

♥ Learn how to work with your energy and consciousness to generate inner balance, harmony, and well-being.