All cultures have in someway venerated the heart as a miraculous vessel of transformational and healing potential, associating it with the boundless love that is the source of creation. 

Awakening Heart offers you the opportunity to be touched by that Divine Love, freeing you from the self-limiting behavioural programs, attitudes and beliefs that inhibit the free-expression of your energy and which keep you seemingly trapped within the same relational dynamics or situations in life, thereby allowing you to experience a much greater depth of your authentic expression in the world.

Childhood experience teaches us to cover up that expression in order to feel safe, to be wanted, fit in, belong or to have our needs met, but at a price, as we cover up our authentic expression, so we restrict the natural flow of our energy, we shut-down and pretend to be ‘someone else’ in order to please others, or we rebel.

A core aspect of the process of healing being welcoming back and bringing into wholeness those parts of ourselves that we were led to believe were not acceptable, thereby opening the flow of our energy, restoring health and well-being on all levels.

As connecting with ourselves exactly as we are, in love, feeling what-so-ever we may have disowned and expressing whatever could previously not be voiced, we step into ownership of what we had left unresolved, leading us to discover the very thing we had been running from holds the key to our freedom.

This work is powerful as it shows you how all can be embraced, met, resolved, brought home to love, breaking down long-held defensive patterns, bringing you into connection and true intimacy, opening the heart to life so you can truly be here as you are. As you show up, life transforming in miraculous ways far beyond what you may even imagine as possible.