Healing Sessions ~ VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

“Aminya’s gentle yet powerful presence, laser-like focus and tremendous sensitivity make the work he offers incredibly transformative whilst also providing a safe space to explore and move through extremely challenging issues with self-acceptance and profound love.” Andrew R – Artist

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing is a holistic system of multi-dimensional healing and inner awakening.

Deriving it’s name from an inter-dimensional vortex which serves as a bridge for the Divine energy and consciousness of magical transformation, it releases issues at their root, clearing all aspects of the subtle energetic system, the chakras and the body-mind; reaching even into the deepest foundational aspects of ‘separation-consciousness’ and awakening them – in order that the innate wholeness of your true nature can emerge.

At this deepest level – healing then reveals itself as more than simply a process of bringing resolution to a particular dis-ease, emotional issue or life circumstance, it expresses itself as a whole transformation of how you show up within your relationship with yourself, others and the world – inviting greater health and well-being as well as joy, peace and inner freedom, as you are present – here – as you truly are, open, honest, real, authentic and connected, embodied in the expression of your essence.

I offer treatments at the highest VortexHealing®  level (Accessing Manifesting Intention), which involves over fifteen years of study and many thousands of hours in one-on-one and group sessions with clients.

Whether or not you have a particular focus of intention, treatments are uniquely tailored to your specific needs in the moment and the broader process of your journey of healing as a whole. You may come to a session because you have a physical ailment, are seeking support in recovery from an illness or injury, experience strong emotional patterns and/or beliefs that impact your inner peace, inter-personal dynamics and capacity to feel free to fully show up in the world, have experienced shock or trauma, or you wish to bring ease, grace and flow into a situation within your life that currently feels stuck or out of balance in some way.

VortexHealing® can support your health and well-being in all of these areas and more, as sometimes you may not have a conscious focus of intention for a session but just feel called to have one – in this case the intention can simply be to support you in whatever way would be most beneficial ~ clients often mentioning how what ‘comes up’ is of specific revelance to their current circumstance(s).

Treaments are offered in person or remotely via Zoom and you are welcome for one session or more. A single session (1hr.15mins) is £100. A series of sessions may take place over a few weeks or months, or whenever you feel called.

For those who want to take a deep dive into exploring what this work can make available in their life an in-depth series of four, eight or twelve sessions (which are usually spaced weekly) are also available.

4 session packages – £360, 8 session packages £700 or 12 session packages £1,000


VortexHealing® is a registered service mark of the R. Weinman VH Trust. All rights reserved. Used here with permission. Read more about VortexHealing:  http://www.vortexhealing.org


In addition to individual sessions, I also offer regular group sessions focusing upon a particular theme, such as fear of rejection, grounding/earthing, or strengthening/optimizing a particular aspect of the subtle energetic system, an organ or chakra, etc.

Although the theme is the same for the entire group, each person within the group will experience this theme within a way that is unique to them, so the Divine Intelligence at the root of the healing will facilitate whatever is specifically needed for each person in alignment with the theme of the healing and the broader on-going process of healing within their lives as a whole.

Participants often describing how as well as an opportunity to receive healing for a specific theme they find that the group sessions also deepen them in their relationship with the Divine and bring grace into their life-path as a whole.

Details of future group sessions can be found via the Schedule Section…



We have all experienced the ‘atmosphere’ of a space.

Whatever happens in a room leaves an energetic imprint or memory of that event in the space. Dis-harmonious or unbalanced energies from arguments or conflict can build up in the environment and impact the people who live or work there. Just as the energies of love, connection, prayer and compassion, etc, within a space can generate an enivorment that feels warm, welcoming, healing, nurturing and aligned with the Divine.

EarthWorks transforms environmental energies within a space left over from past conflict, geopathic stress, blocked earth energy pathways and/or electro-magnetic field radiation from a variety of different sources, power poles, cell-phone towers, etc, bringing Divine energy and consciousness into a space within order to optimize it for whatever needs to take place there.

Prices range from £30 to £100 dependent on the size of a space/time required…


The Bigger Picture

At the heart of all spiritual traditions we find the same essential message, all life is One, One Heart, One Source, One Love, One Divinity, expressing itself through the miracle of creation within an unfathomable number of different forms. However as we have lost sight of that, our basic experience of life has become one of separation. We do not see reality as it truly is, rather we see the world from the vantage point of experiencing ourselves to be a someone who is separate from the rest of creation and the source of life itself, and this leads us into forming all kinds of behaviours to somehow deal with the pain of this feeling of isolation that over time condition us on every level of our consciousness and subtle energetic system, restricting the natural expression or flow of our energy, which not only generates mental suffering and emotional issues in relation to how we have learnt to suppress or control our feelings but also creates blockages in our energy system which contribute towards illness or physical dis-ease.

This is where Divine Energy Healing comes in as it releases the conditioning that arises from out of this basic sense of separation on every level that it is found and awakens us to reality, our natural wholeness and oneness with all of creation, within order that we can navigate through life from a space that is rooted within the realisation of our true nature.

This not only restoring the natural expression of our life-force, physical health, mental and emotional well-being, but also opening us to a tremendous depth of inner freedom as we realise that we are not defined by our self-image, our stories or our past. Making us much more available to what is here and now, fresh in the moment, and able to lovingly respond to all circumstance with deep intelligence informed by the wisdom of our open heart and alignment with truth.

Every Divine Energy Healing Session thereby being far more than simply healing for mind, body or spirit as they provide an invitation to this deepest possible form of transformation. An awakening from out the experience of ourselves as a separate being and into the truth of the boundless freedom, love, joy and infinite potentiality that is already alive within us as our true nature.

What people say

Aminya’s work is excellent. His work has profoundly supported me many times. I very much appreciate his exquisite integration of deep sensitivity and welcoming with a laser clarity and very powerful grounding.

Neo Heart, Artist - Alchemist

I have received sessions from Aminya many times in my past and have been profoundly transformed in so many more ways beyond what I had imagined was possible. His gifts are literally out of this world!

Anaiya Sophia, Author and Contemporary Spiritual Teacher

Faced with a life or death medical emergency I asked my husband to contact Aminya for assistance. Defying all medical understanding the next day I was discharged from hospital with a full bill of health.

Leila Sinaki, Health and Body-Mind Coach

Aminya is quite extraordinary. Working with him is like grounding thunderbolts of energy that leave one deeply in one’s heart with a huge awareness of the possibilities and potentials of what it really means to be human.

Ammaprema Grace, Sound Healer

Aminya’s professionalism, knowledge, and utterly profound intuition are like nothing I have experienced before. The impact of his work has brought an ease and freedom to my existence that is beyond what I could have imagined.

Sarah Canfield, Therapist