Healing Sessions

“Aminya’s gentle yet powerful presence, laser-like focus and tremendous sensitivity make the work he offers incredibly transformative whilst also providing a safe space to explore and move through extremely challenging issues with self-acceptance and profound love.” Andrew R – Artist

Healing Sessions offer you the opportunity to come home to the essence of who you truly are, freeing you from the self-limiting behavioural programs, attitudes and beliefs that inhibit the free-expression of your energy, therefore allowing you to experience a much greater depth of your authentic expression in the world.

Life experience teaches us to cover up that expression in order to feel safe, to be wanted, fit in, belong or to have our needs met, but at a price. As we cover up our authentic expression we restrict the natural flow of our energy, we shut down and pretend to be someone else to please others or we rebel and enter into a dynamic of subtly pushing against rather than flowing with life.

A core aspect of the process of healing being welcoming into wholeness those parts of ourselves that we were led to believe were not acceptable or somehow ‘wrong’, which opens the natural flow of our energy and authentic expression, restoring health and well-being on all levels.

Then healing reveals itself as more than simply a process of bringing resolution to a particular dis-ease, emotional issue or life circumstance, healing becomes a whole transformation of how you show up and are present within your relationship with yourself, others and the world – inviting greater joy as you deepen in your capacity to express your essence.

This essence, your true nature is what manifests healing and transformation within your life. During a session, I simply act as a guide to support you to connect with what is already innately present within you, initiating a process of the falling away of what has obscured this. Old traumas, beliefs, judgments, and ways of being rooted in survival consciousness which limit the free expression of your energy and authentic presence in the world rapidly release – revealing a radical aliveness, joy, playfulness and creativity, bringing you from out of disconnection, restriction and suppression into an deep intimacy with yourself, others and all of life.

Your consciousness evolves and becomes more accepting, able to meet life with greater compassion, to no longer fight or struggle and subsequently your body lets go of the fixed patterns of how you have adapted your energy to navigate through life, opening you to new possibilities and ways of being in the world as free-choice becomes a reality rather than your habitual response mechanisms to circumstance.

As your energy finds its natural flow in harmony with life and the authentic expression of your essence – health and well-being are restored and you come back to the freedom and simplicity of what it is to be yourself. You enter life as it truly is rather than what you have been conditioned to believe life is and here life reveals itself as more magical, mysterious, wondrous and beautiful than words can describe.

This is the essence of healing. Your ‘wound’ is where the light enters. Together we honour whatever issue you have come with be it physical, mental, emotional or something else within your life as what is calling you into the recognition of your wholeness. Your ‘wounds’ as messengers that have come as agents of grace – to call you home.

You are welcome for one session or more. A single one hour session is £90. A series of sessions may take place over a few weeks or months, or whenever you really feel called to have one.

Sessions usually take place via Zoom or Skype but in-person sessions are also available.

For those who want to take a deep dive into exploring what this work can make available in their life an in-depth series of four, eight or twelve sessions (which are usually spaced weekly) are also available.

4 session packages – £340, 8 session packages £640 or 12 session packages £900.