Awakening Heart offers you the opportunity to experience the power of Divine Love. Opening you into deeper intimacy, joy, creativity, abundance, health, emotional and mental well-being, clarity, direction and purpose in alignment with the truth of who you are beyond the habitual conditioned models of behaviour that you learnt through childhood as a means of survival, acceptance, belonging and of having your needs met. Thereby supporting you to live from an awakened heart. A way of living that calls you to step into the embodiment of what it is to truly love and which grounds you in the strength and integrity of your true nature; empowering you within the expression of the unique gifts you have to contribute to the world around you in simply showing up as you are with an open heart.



At the heart of any truly holistic form of healing is also the transformation of consciousness. You experience yourself to be a separate being, person or identity with a story that apparently affirms and re-enforces the existence of that identity. However what you are is not a separate being or identity, what you are is not your story, your past experiences or your circumstances, what you are is beyond words though many words have been used in an attempt to describe it, what you are is the very essence of life itself. Guided by Divine Presence Awakening Heart offers a gentle yet profound focus of support for you to awaken to and embody what it is to live from the truth of that essence transforming every facet of your experience of the world as your true nature emerges and begins to inform  how you walk through life in a deeper fashion.



Through this process of healing and transformation a fundamental shift from out of simply surviving or getting through life into truly thriving begins to occur. Coming home to what it is to live from the boundless depth of your true nature you begin to discover the extra-ordinary within the ordinary revealing the absolute wonder of all that life has to offer and this discovery brings with it a profound quality of Heart into all that you encounter, leading you into a space of pristine clarity from which action that addresses what is required in each moment so that you can truly thrive and contribute the unique gift you have to give to the world is able to take place with ease and grace.

If you are interested in a grounded approach to spirituality which rather than seeking to transcend the world of form deeply embraces all that it has to offer then the invitation is here to discover what Awakening Heart can offer you  as an exploration of what it is to show up in the world and live a fully productive, happy, free and abundant life that embraces all that it is to truly thrive.