Heal, Transform & Awaken

Experience the power love has to heal all wounds, transform your life through the Open Heart and awaken you to your true nature. As Grace reveals the innate brilliance of your essence, releasing the root cause of what manifests as dis-ease, pain or struggle within your life, bringing you into the embodied expression of deep peace, joy and creativity, the nameless beauty of what you are and your capacity to live that in the world.


Healing and Awakening

– If you –

♥ Long to live with greater authenticity, connection, peace and inner freedom.
♥ Sometimes struggle with strong emotions or beliefs that impact your daily life.
♥ Lack energy or enthusiasm, feel blocked or suffer with ill-health.
♥ Have experienced trauma, some form of physical injury or accident.

Or simply want to explore how healing can support you to live a richer, more fulfilled and happy life, then the wide-range of services I offer may support you on your path to greater wellness and inner freedom.

My holistic approach is multi-disciplinary and tailored to your unique needs. Rooted within over twenty years of experience, it combines wisdom sourced from a wide variety of fields –  advanced energy healing, psychology and leading-edge research into our quantum potential for transformation – within order to support your well being. 

Additionally, as at the root of all healing is an awakening to our innate wholeness or true nature, I also offer various classes that invite you to explore this in greater depth – deepening you into how it is ‘true nature’ can be embodied in all areas of life, leading you to discover the gift of your own ‘divine uniqueness’ or ‘medicine way’ through Love In Action.

Here, healing, transformation and awakening thereby combine – opening you to your natural state of being – that is both compassionate and wise, a graceful human being. Your own journey of healing rippling out to touch the world – in simply how you show up, present, available, connected and real.

Come experience the power of love…



Generate lasting change in your life by transforming the root cause of emotional and physical issues and align with the natural vibrancy, love, joy and freedom of your true nature.



Embrace the expression of your authentic self, let go of fear, open your heart and discover the profound beauty of what you bring to the world in simply showing up as your are.



Discover the ‘medicine way’, your connection with the Divine Essence of Life, healing and alchemic tools for transformation and embodied living of your natural state of being.



As an expression of your true nature, the portraits I produce are alchemic tools which inspire healing, transformation and the emergence of your inherent wholeness in life.



Sat & Sun, 10th – 11th Feb – via Zoom
7.00 PM TO 9.30 PM UK Time – Each Day

Merlin’s Heart – Deepening in Magic

We all want more magic in our lives. But what is magic? We have our ideas of magic from film and literature – more often than not though these prove to be fantasy and are rooted in escapism rather than a richly embodied experience of the magic that is at the heart of life. This magic is what makes the heart open, its the simple magic that is present in those seemingly chance encounters we sometimes call fate or destiny ~ that lead us to be in the right place at the right time and bring us into the acknowledgement of something greater than our usual experience of the world. Over the course of these two days we shall explore deepening into the embodied experience of this this magic and how beyond the realm of fantasy and magical thinking – we can open to transformation as what we might call – it happened as if by magic….



As a mystic, healer, and artist, the work I offer is specifically designed to support an ever deepening focus of intimacy with what is at the heart of life and all that makes available through every facet of our experience of what it is to be human. Connecting the deepest depths of the formless, Great Mystery, Spirit and the Divine with the surface everyday practical reality of our lives, deeply grounded, embodied, present, earthed.

Drawing on insights gained through my own personal healing journey and more than twenty years experience of working within the field of complementary medicine, I bring a wide variety of skills blended with an intuitive approach, clarity and compassion to your unique process of personal transformation, as Grace reveals the radiance and radical aliveness of your natural state of being, restoring harmony and well-being…


Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book a session, course or portrait.