You are the One you’ve been waiting for

Welcome, I’m Aminya Nanga Mai, a seasoned healer and embodied awakening guide dedicated to transformation and evolutionary growth. Drawing on a wealth of experience gained from over two decades of working with energy medicine, ancient wisdom teachings, and a wide variety of therapeutic practices, I work with individuals and groups, supporting people in the discovery of greater inner freedom, opening them into a deeper capacity for intimacy and innovation through the brilliance of their authentic expression.

Join me on a journey into the heart of who you truly are.



Freedom from suffering, what holds you back, mental, emotional and physical issues, opening you into the authentic expression of your essence.


Heart opening – authentic relationship, opening you to be fully present in the world. Vibrant, creative, connected, and radically alive.


The discovery and skilled application of new possibilities and ways of being in life, offering practical solutions to everyday concerns.

Love On Fire

Guided by Divine Presence, Love On Fire offers a journey into the discovery of Freedom, Intimacy, and Innovation, through a transformational process that liberates patterns of karmic consciousness which negatively impact upon your quality of life; evolving the energy system and body-mind as a vehicle for the expression of Presence – via the deepest movement of healing that is possible, an awakening to the wholeness of your true nature.

This, opening you into a radical form of aliveness, connection, and depth, through the authentic expression of your being, as layers of egoic identity fall away into a natural open-heartedness that is able to meet the totality of life with greater love, wisdom, and compassion.

Who are you beyond the mask, the labels, and the identity you wear? What is life beyond the image that you project upon it?

Love On Fire invites you to discover this. Reality un-masked, simply as it IS, and the lived embodiment of that realisation.


What people say

Aminya’s work is excellent. His work has profoundly supported me many times. I very much appreciate his exquisite integration of deep sensitivity and welcoming with a laser clarity and very powerful grounding.

Neo Heart, Artist - Alchemist

I have received sessions from Aminya many times in my past and have been profoundly transformed in so many more ways beyond what I had imagined was possible. His gifts are literally out of this world!

Anaiya Sophia, Author and Contemporary Spiritual Teacher

Aminya introduced me to the truth of who I AM, and for this I Am eternally grateful! I have become wholly integrated, no longer have the desire to hide, deny or suppress the beauty of who I truly Am, and am able to be fully present with my entire being.

Almitra, Performance Artist and Shamanic Practicioner

In my wide experience of the field of healing, I count Aminya as one of the very few human masters. Whatever is arising for you in your life, Aminya can assist you in creating life-affirming changes as part of your bigger journey to wholeness.

Kush Modgil, Lawyer

Faced with a life or death medical emergency I asked my husband to contact Aminya for assistance. Defying all medical understanding the next day I was discharged from hospital with a full bill of health.

Leila Sinaki, Health and Body-Mind Coach

Aminya’s dedication, professionalism, knowledge, and utterly profound intuition as a healer are like nothing I have experienced before. The impact of his work has brought an ease and freedom to my existence that is beyond what I could have imagined.

Sarah Canfield, Therapist

Aminya is quite extraordinary. Working with him is like grounding thunderbolts of energy that leave one deeply in one’s heart with a huge awareness of the possibilities and potentials of what it really means to be human.

Ammaprema Grace, Sound Healer