Awakening Heart

Rooted within the alchemical sciences of the transmutation of the ‘lead’ of separation consciousness into the ‘gold’ of enlightenment, Awakening Heart is a holistic healing system and path of return to the original innocence, beauty and wisdom of our true nature.

This journey being a kind of ‘home-coming’ that involves the falling away of all that is false, so that we stand naked in the truth of our authentic self-expression, fully present here in the world, open-hearted and empowered.

Various ancient cultures mapped this journey, laying down a road for us to follow.

The source of the wisdom that they shared having been referred to by many different names, Sophia, Prajnaparamita, Gnosis, and understood to exist in an indivisible union with compassion, the masculine and the feminine, Divine Mother and Divine Father giving rise to a Divine Child as symbolic of the birthing of our consciousness into the alchemic marriage of these two principle qualities of love and of wisdom, a being capable of meeting all of life with openness, grace, and the capacity to respond as truly needed in each moment.

As we come to truly see ourselves, life and others through the eyes of wisdom, so coming into a clear seeing of reality as it truly is, a dropping away of the false views, conditioned filters and beliefs which have dictated how we have related to and subsequently acted within the world. A coming into the realisation and expression of true love and the restoration of balance as we step out of division and the attitudes which have separated us from ourselves, others, and the rest of life. A coming into compassion as the ability to embrace even the most challenging circumstances coupled with the capacity to clearly see and put into action what is needing to be done within order to move beyond those challenges in order that we can experience greater freedom and what it is our heart is truly wishing to express in the world. 

A core aspect of the process that unfolds along this journey being the awakening of the heart, the center point where Father Sky and Mother Earth meet in an indivisible union which reveals Heaven on Earth as we embody and ground our higher consciousness or true nature into practical applications which have a profound effect on all aspects of our quality of life, relationships and the world around us. As all spiritual traditions have in some way recognised the heart as key, honouring it as a doorway into this alchemic process of the mergence of love and wisdom, the marriage of our inner masculine and feminine energies, birthing us into ‘true adulthood’ or our authentic self.

In a world where so many find themselves lost in the maze of their own conditioned thoughts and patterns of behaviour yet hold the vision of a brighter future guided by the depths of their heart this ancient wisdom is just as relevant as it was in the past and shines a light upon how we can truly live with authenticity and purpose, find joy and genuine contentment. The ancients knew the heart to hold a precious gift, a power to heal, awaken and transform. This power lives within you, all that you have been searching for is to be found within, not seperate from you in anyway. By entering your heart, being touched by the presence of the Divine, you will discover a new way of life, filled with grace and an indescribable depth of true fulfilment.

Awakening Heart invites you to make this journey, offering you a guide, a map, a gentle loving voice of encouragement and support. 

May your journey ‘home’ be blessed…