With over thirty years experience of the world’s wisdom traditions and meditative practices, ranging from Dzogchen, Reiki, Sekhem, VortexHealing®,  the healing sciences of sound, shamanic practices and homeopathy, to cutting edge research into the quantum field, deep compassionate listening and focused inquiry into the resolution of suffering, I offer a comprehensive system of support for your process of inner transformation which blends together specific aspects of each of these modalities in the most optimal fashion to serve the unique needs of each individual.

Details of the primary modalities that are usually utilised are listed below within order to offer you a deeper understanding of their individual qualities and potential applications….

Love In Action – The Wild Heart

Aminya is the current lineage holder for this healing modality

Love In Action – explores the indivisible union of Stillness (Shiva) and Potency (Shakti) through an opening into our innate freedom or wildness, the non-conditioned and authentic expression of our essence. In Stillness (where the self-reflective loop of each our stories about ourselves, life and others, etc, ceases) we discover Potency (love, creativity, fullness) and Mystery (the absolute wonder that we are a Living Mystery). As Potency moves through our consciousness, subtle energetic system and body-mind we re-discover a kind of natural vibrancy, freedom and joy of being, which coupled with the Stillness that allows us to clearly perceive reality as it it truly IS – rather than our learnt-conditioned view of reality – opens us to profound healing, awakening and the emergence of our true nature.


Aminya has trained to the highest level within this healing modality (Manifesting Intention)

VortexHealing® is a powerful, holistic system of energetic healing which works solely with divine light and consciousness to manifest healing and transformation. This enables VortexHealing® to perform extraordinary healing on the physical and emotional level as well as to release the deepest karmic issues we hold as human beings, whilst simultaneously bridging us ever deeper into alignment with the Divine and our True Nature.

“VortexHealing®” is a registered service mark of Ric Weinman. All rights reserved. Used here with permission. 


Reiki is a traditional form of hands on healing. Aminya has trained in both the traditional Usui system and many different forms of Reiki, including Karuna Reiki, Shambhalla, Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki, Anubis Reiki, and more. In essence, Reiki is a form of universal life-force energy. Through channelling this energy it is possible to revitalise the energy system and bring about a greater depth of balance, peace, harmony and relaxation, relieving tension patterns and alleviating the stress of emotional issues, as well as to calm the mind within order that life can be met with greater clarity.  Clients often report that this energy feels very gentle, warm, supportive and nourishing, and appreciate the capacity it has to support them to feel more relaxed, centred, balanced and aligned.

Divine Voice

Rooted within the application of sound harmonics or mantra – Divine Voice draws upon traditional wisdom from many different cultures that have utilised sound within their ceremonial and healing practices as well as modern research into the applications of sound and how such inter-acts with consciousness, the brain and the body-mind in order to manifest profound healing and transformation on all levels.

Psycho-Energetic Healing Techniques

Where-so-ever it may feel relevant and appropriate to do so as an extra focus of support for your process, various different forms of psycho-energetic work are sometimes also incorporated into a healing session. These may include communicating with various aspects of the psyche such as the inner child and masculine and feminine spirit through inner journey work, facilitated intention alignment, gentle forms of soul retrieval, inner shadow, sub-conscious or unconscious work, and so on. Combining these kind of approaches with channelled energy work can often be quite remarkable and yield results which lead to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.