Healing Stories

The following are all first-hand reports of client’s experiences, illustrating the vast range of ways in which a session or workshop has supported them on their healing journey.

Aminya is a master at what he does, he continually brings me back to the reality of what is going on in my life. I may be struggling with a certain issue and he entirely supports me to feel stronger and more earthed. What he does is almost beyond words, but it is also entirely practical in terms of getting a person to be in the here and now, shifting their perspective so that they can really show up in their lives. Through his help my relationship, my work and my attitude to life has entirely changed. I am more willing to go through my fears and do the work I need to do. The underlying stress and trauma in my nervous system has let go leaving me feeling calmer, more available to both my yes and no, connected, centred and balanced in my energy.

KM, Coach

Aminya’s sessions never fail to hit the spot in terms of exactly what it is I need to move through in order to resolve whatever challenges are going on for me in my life. Whatever fears I may have are compassionately held in order that I can feel safe to let go. I feel God’s Presence, peace, calm, clarity. Spontaneous physical healings occur and I am able to feel connected with my core in a way that gives me a sense of what it really means to be alive.

NL, Therapist

I have worked with Aminya for several years now and he has been one of my primary supports, healers and teachers.

Through-out that period he has remained my go-to-guy when I am working with the big stuff.

At the physical level he has supported my profoundly. I had – had a frozen shoulder for over a year and a half – I knew something big was opening through-out it and as soon as I was ready to let it go I had a session with him. Within 3 days of the session the range of movement had opened up by about 30% and over the following month it completely healed. Whilst the physical work over time has been incredible, the emotional and spiritual support has been profound. There have been a few times that I have felt energetically pushed over my edge, and Aminya has supported me through all of them. After working with Aminya in those situations I have felt much clearer, grounded and safe.

His work is exceptional and I cannot recommend him enough.

NH, Artist, Alchemist and Author of The Fembot Oracle

Extremely deep, strong and transformative healing sessions. I always feel supported in a loving, non-judgmental and very clear way. 

NK, Care Worker

Simply Magic! Words cant describe what Aminya does but the impact has and continues to be extraordinary. Sessions and workshops have transformed my life beyond recognition.

BS, Horse Whisperer and Healer

Love In Action has brought relief to chronic health issues that I have lived with for over fifty years. For the first time in as long as I am able to recall I feel safe, peaceful, and at home in my body.

PA, Artist

Most of my life I’ve felt like I’ve been hiding, ashamed of who I am. Sessions and workshops with Aminya have finally allowed me to love and accept myself, find resolution with childhood trauma and connect with my body, pleasure, and sensuality. The freedom, peace, and joy I feel is something I never would have thought was possible. Love In Action is incredibly potent and gentle work that has opened my heart and mind to a totally new way of living where I am no longer afraid to be me.

NF, Musician

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