Healing Stories

The following are all first-hand reports of client’s experiences, illustrating the vast range of ways in which a session or workshop has supported them on their healing journey.

Time and time again the depth of where Aminya is able to support me to go in my process completely astounds me. In over thirty years of studying various healing modalities I haven’t encountered anything that comes even close to the impact his work offers. The changes I have seen in my life, health, work, and relationships are astonishing.

TJ, Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Homeopath

Far reaching, deep, profound, powerfully loving healing sessions and guidance that empower me to make positive and lasting change within my life.

CJ, Yoga Teacher and Healer

I have had the pleasure of working with Aminya in two private sessions, many times attended group work and have joined his meditations regularly. All I can say is that these experiences left me in awe of his inner power, deep knowingness, very attentive friendly approach and most important for me his sincere love.

I asked him for private sessions due to extreme burning sensations in my body and high blood pressure attacks, which he was able to resolve successfully.

I can surely recommend him as a wonderful healer.

OR, Artist

I have taken part in Aminya’s class twice now and I have been blown away by the transmission of energy. It is not something that can be described in theory it has to be experienced. Boundaries fall away and a complete letting go occurs. For me it was a real purification process unblocking any accumulated energy within the body letting the life force energy flow freely. A most blissful experience not to be missed.

HL, Shaman and Sound Healer

Sessions with Aminya have been a great blessing and help to me. I have gone through deep processes supported by his treatments.  His supportive presence and deep insight into the root of issues help comprehensively and the healing tools he uses are very strong. 
Aminya creates a space where it is possible to surrender deeper into the arms of the mystery.
Aminya is an artist of healing.
AS, Theatre Instructor