Healing Stories

The following are all first-hand reports of client’s experiences, illustrating the vast range of ways in which a session or workshop has supported them on their healing journey.

For many years I suffered with severe leg and back pain due to one leg being shorter than the other. Doctors were suggesting an operation in order to remedy this. After seeing Aminya for a healing session, my legs completely re-aligned and settled as even with one another. Since then I have not had any issue with my legs or back.

JE, Businessman

After consulting many medical professionals, healers, and therapists in order to resolve a persistent on-going serious issue with my lungs, all of which only brought some temporary level of relief, I contacted Aminya, who was able to directly pin-point and resolve the cause of the issue in a handful of sessions. Since then I have also received several further sessions and attended a few workshops all of which have had a profound transformational effect on my general well-being, health, and over all quality of life.

KB, Company Director

In both receiving sessions and attending classes with Aminya layers of my deepest, most pain filled, and avoided issues that previously seemed unreachable were finally able to surface, be acknowledged, and liberated. This has been a tremendous gift to me, and I now have a much deeper sense of what it is to truly be fully present in life. All in all, each session or class leaves me feeling like I have gone through some kind of evolution, leaving me with a deep quietude and peace with both myself and all that is.

SC, Therapist

There are few other energy workers or spiritual guides I trust to the level I trust Aminya and his magnificent work. He has supported me through some intense periods of my life. His work is deep, profound, and full of love and presence.

GA, Sound Healer and Musician

Aminya knows me in the purest sense of my being and in the darkest of my being as well. I am no different to him in whatever form or veils or mask I decide to hide behind. He is loving and compassionate, clear and precise of what is there for me to transform. It is an environment of grace, love and respect in which anyone that comes to him feels held no matter what their story is about. I cannot express enough gratitude for all that he has helped me with during these past four important years of my life – just no words only love and gratitude.

BS, Designer

I have just completed the 4th day of the Love In Action course delivered by Aminya. All I really have to say is WOW. This has uncovered some really deep dark issues which I had been blocking or at least attempting to forget since my childhood and I am nearly 50. An extremely emotional few days with lots of tears and laughter. Profound, powerful and very moving. I am always sceptical until I have tried something – Love In Action is very special and I feel that issues I had (even the ones I did not remember) have now been uncovered, felt and accepted. I can smile, I feel happy, even laughing out loud. This is life changing work!

HD, Nurse

Words fail to capture what happens in a session or workshop with Aminya but if I had to use one word I would say magic. Transformational healing and break-throughs on all levels occur. The work really needs to be experienced to be believed. I strongly recommend anyone who is reading this to gift themselves with at least one session with Aminya as I am sure it will not be your last.

MAG, Doctor

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