Embodied Awakening Sessions

Embrace Life & Connect with the essence of who you truly are…

Our time together provides a space for you to receive, let go, heal and gain clarity in relation to any aspect of your life that may be of concern, through an embodied awakening process that brings you home to who you truly are, vibrantly alive, wise, compassionate, connected and authentic.

Embodied – this is about expanding your capacity to show up in relation to all aspects of life and what becomes available when you are truly present rather than stuck within past or future projections, opening you to the gift of new possibilities in the here and now.

Awakening – encompassing yet far more than healing for mind, body and spirit, this is about uprooting the fundamental cause of suffering, stripping away the layers of false-identity, limiting beliefs and behaviours that obscure who you truly are.

Weaving these twin threads together the core purpose of this work being to support you to step into the freedom of your authentic expression within the world and the profound healing and transformative effect that has on both yourself and your life. 

With this intention, during a session I attune to you, deeply listening to your needs and concerns, where you experience yourself as stuck and where change is able to occur. Then we dive into a process of alchemic transmutation that generates a space in which deep healing and profound transformation can occur, opening you to greater inner freedom, new possibilities and ways of being in life. 

This process draws on many modalities of subtle energetic work and consciousness transformation, guiding you to deepen into connection with the innate beauty and profound wisdom of your authentic essence, to open your heart, let go and receive whatever it is that you require to come back into wholeness. Energy healing, conscious movement, compassionate engagement with your feelings, breath-work, focused inquiry or a simple resting in stillness all potentially serving as part of this process, as we work together in order to support you to meet the sacred within yourself and all of life.

Healing of mind, body and spirit may occur, the resolution of issues which challenge you within life, or a deepening into intimacy, greater creativity, clarity, joy, pleasure and abundance, yet whilst encompassing all of these possibilities what can result from a session also transcends them, as this work meets you with whatever it is you are needing to receive – in order that you can be free to live from the fullness of your being.

You are welcome for one session or more. A single session is £90. A series of sessions may take place over a few weeks or months, or whenever you really feel called to have one. Sessions usually take place via Zoom or Skype but in-person sessions are also available.

For those who want to take a deep dive into exploring what this work can make available in their life an in-depth series of 7 sessions spaced weekly or 12 sessions spaced fortnightly is also available.
7 session packages – £525 and 12 session – £880.

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