Whatever the question, love is the answer…

“To speak of the Holy we speak without words, your work is of that wordless dimension, that mystery, it is of something that leaves us speechless, awed and knowing in a way beyond knowing that magic is real. For those who enter this work shall discover what no words can describe, they will discover themselves and be silenced in awe of the sheer beauty they see…”

Entering into this work connects you to reality, your essence, your core. It provides a way in which you are supported to face yourself and your life without withdrawing into denial, judgment, or justification. It is a means of piercing through the cause of suffering, falling in love with life, and of taking action from a place that is wise, connected, present, real, rather that from fear imposes judgment and control on yourself and others.

Enlightened beings through-out the ages have referred to this work as the deepest movement of healing that is possible, an awakening to your true nature, the emergence of what it really means to be human, to act with greater love, grace, wisdom and compassion for yourself, all beings, and the world around you.

I call the work an awakening of love, a radical embrace of reality. It is a profound experience that transcends any possible form of definition and yet which is entirely grounded, applicable to any element of life. Through the work, illusion falls away revealing the inherent radiance, strength, beauty, and brilliance of the natural state of being, and healing of body, mind, and spirit occurs as the energy system comes into balance, is strengthened, and evolves as a vehicle for the expression of your essence. You soften, melt, let go, and in that letting go – grace enters, new possibilities emerge, and magic happens.

Together we enter the domain of the sacred, honouring the challenges within your life as doorways of opportunity through which you may step into a new life, whole, renewed, filled with a deeper wisdom and embodied in the essence of your authentic self. Ancient healing techniques combined with modern day body based psychotherapeutic practices, meditation, stillness and silence support a weaving of the transcendent and practical elements of life into a seamless whole that reveals the extraordinary as ordinary, and bears fruit to the innate seed potential you hold to live with greater grace, a whole human being, open, connected, and truly present here.