The Healing Journey

In life it is natural for all of us to want peace of mind, greater health and well-being, a deeper sense of intimacy and connection, true safety and security, often however we struggle with achieving these goals or we find ourselves over-whelmed, lacking motivation, and seemingly stuck within the same repetitive scenarios. So, we look to therapists, healers, teachers and gurus to support us in resolving what holds us back from fully flourishing. How though do we know who we can truly trust to be a guide in empowering us to achieve positive transformation in our lives?

First and foremost, breath, relax, there is no rush.

In finding a healer, a therapist or a guide you are entering into a deep therapeutic relationship, which like any form of relationship needs to be given time to evolve so that you can make the decisions that most empower you to come into deeper connection with yourself, heal, evolve, and grow. Beyond the practical details which accompany choosing someone to work with, how much time you may be asked to commit to your process, financial exchange, and the specific technique or modality that is being offered, what is most important is the establishment of kind of deep trust, do you feel held, seen, heard, truly acknowledged, safe to be vulnerable and open to the possibility of change?

Love and Acceptance

For myself, this is at the heart of all healing, the magic of what happens when a space is provided in which we can feel fully safe to show up and be ourselves, however that may look, and be met with love, understanding and acceptance. When I work with people fundamentally speaking what I am doing is simply holding up a mirror so that they can see themselves with that same depth of compassionate loving holding and self-acceptance. Beyond any physical, mental, emotional issue, or situation that may be a focus for healing, the core thread which runs through every session is to support who-ever I may be working with to come into a deeper loving relationship with themselves and subsequently with life, as naturally when the heart-opens there is greater health, joy, clarity, connection and abundance, an awakening to our wholeness or true nature.

I do this work because it is what I love to do. There is a beauty, a deep wonder, a humility, and an awe, in witnessing how we each share in this human journey of both great joy, and of struggles or difficulty, and how we can overcome those challenges in order to find greater love, connection, compassion, and understanding for both ourselves and others.

Over the years I have been blessed to witness many of what most may call miracles, but what I have come to simply call what happens when we let go and let God.

My role as a practitioner is to simply hold a space, with the support of various form of training both formal and informal, within which you can let go to allow your heart to crack-open and be touched by Divine Presence, the essence of your own beauty, creative genius, and potential for transformation. In essence I am not giving you anything, all that I am holding a space for is to support you to awaken to and embody your own wholeness.

Honouring Your Needs

In any therapeutic relationship the point is to support you to get in touch with, honour, and receive your authentic needs. If you connect with me in order to discuss how this work may be able to support you on your own unique healing journey, try a personal session or class, I will meet you wherever you are at and support you to take the next step. You decide how deep you want to go, how and when we work together, there is no expectation or obligation, all I ask it that you commit to your process in terms of what best serves your healing journey, development and growth, whether that means working with me or not, I am here to support you to find what works for you.

Core to that support is helping you to slow down, relax, trust, listen, recognise that your heart already knows the answer and the way. Often we can get caught up in feeling lost or doubting ourselves when we try to make a decision based solely on what our mind is telling us. So, to really honour what called you to the healing journey, and to trust that inner calling, the voice of the sacred within you, that is calling you into greater well-being, love, freedom, and wholeness.

In short, when looking for a practitioner that is right for you, ask all the necessary practical questions, then let go and trust; your heart will guide you to the practitioner that is able to support you to take the next step and move forward on your journey.

Life will show you if you let it, when you show up and say yes to yourself, yes to healing, yes to growth, the right people and opportunities will come. Say yes, be open, do your part, grace will do the rest.

Embodied Awakening…

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