Love In Action – The Wild Heart

Love In Action is an invitation for you to awaken to your ‘divine uniqueness’ and to bring that into embodied living. More than healing for mind, body and spirit, it is that which calls you into intimate connection with the whole, bringing to an end the suffering caused by the illusion of separation or division. It is that which opens you to the boundless potential that lives within you and calls that potential into action, bringing a greater depth of conscious presence, joy and vitality into your life. An invitation to allow the sacred nature of your being to move you always and in all things.

Profound love, joy, peace and wisdom, the boundless potential for healing and an indescribable power of grace already exist within you as an expression of your true nature. Love In Action simply offers a process that reveals this, transmuting the layers of false narrative and conditioning which obscure these qualities of Presence. This isn’t a process of you learning to do or become anything. This is the discovery of what happens when you are simply yourself and of the magic that is present in meeting life as it truly is.

Each class offers you a journey into an alchemic process of transformation which unfolds through this discovery of what happens when you surrender and the deep wisdom, love, power and intelligence of your true nature moves through you. The first step is to let go, to know you do not know and allow mystery to reveal itself. Collectively we have been conditioned to view the world through a particular lens which entirely distorts our perception of reality and conditions each of our action, thoughts, feelings and emotions, ultimately impacting upon our health, our relationships and every other aspect of our lives. In an attitude of innocence we drop this lens and the false narrative we hold, allowing truth and love to emerge as alchemic agents of healing and transformation.

You cannot fill a full cup. In letting go we empty ourselves and allow the fullness within the emptiness to reveal itself. All spiritual traditions refer to this in some way, describing it as enfleshment or the embodiment of true nature. Love In Action is an exploration of this innate seed potential we each hold to realize and express the fullness of our ‘divine uniqueness’. Rather than teaching you a fixed method each class thereby supports the emergence of your own ‘gifted nature’ or ‘medicine’, deepening you into what you bring in simply being who you truly are.

Key to this and at the heart of every workshop are the principles of Not Knowing and Non-Doing, as in Not Knowing we surrender our perceptual filters, engage with truth and become present to reality rather than the assumed picture or story of the world we hold within our minds. Then in Non-Doing we let go of our fixed agenda’s, surrender our war with reality and open to how life wants to move through us, awakening us to the realisation that beyond the surface level experience of ourselves as the ‘doer’ and ‘knower’ there is a deeper presence which guides our life, not as something outside of ourselves but as the reality of who we truly are.

Love In Action is the expression of this Presence, the discovery of a life lived from freedom, authenticity and the inherent wholeness of your being.

An evening meditation offers you a taste of what becomes available when your heart opens and is touched by love.

A two day workshop explores this in a deeper fashion, as several methods are introduced in order to support you to experience this ignition or opening of the heart in a more profound manner, dissolving patterns of blocked energy that keep you from connecting and being fully present in life.

Four day workshops are for those who want to learn how to initiate this ignition or opening of the heart in others. Open to all with any form of prerequisite, they offer a profound transformative experience of learning to work with The Wild Heart in order to support healing and inner awakening.

Eight days workshops are an introduction to the 8 month facilitator training program as well as stand alone classes which offer a full immersion in the transformative power of Love, as a life-changing experience that brings participants directly into the presence of the sacred within themselves and all of life.

“To love God means to surrender, to trust, to be ready to die into Him, because dying in God is the beginning of a new life; it is resurrection. Love has to become such an intense flame that it burns you out, that you are not left behind, that you are consumed in it. If you are not, the Guest (God) comes.” – Rajneesh

Upcoming Events

Evening Meditation

10th Feb – 7.00 to 9.30 PM


Evening Meditation

17th Feb – 7.00 to 9.30 PM


Two Day Workshop

2nd/3rd March  – 9.30 – 5.30 PM