Just below the surface of our everyday experience already vibrantly alive within each one of us resides the potential of a life lived with an abundance of deep pleasure.

Freely available without question, demand or expectation, hidden in plain sight, a pleasure that does not rely upon us achieving, gaining, becoming or relinquishing anything, but asks only that we uncover what is already here.

A gift, we do not realise we have been given.

That gift, which offers us the opportunity to fall deeply in love with life, ourselves, the world, let go of struggle and truly thrive.

Awakening Heart opens us to the discovery of that gift and the grace that brings true fulfillment, ending the search as we awaken to what is already alive within us as real love, clarity, peace, strength and joy, transforming our suffering into the wisdom that enables us to meet all circumstances with greater openness and compassion, and supporting us to embody our highest potential through what it is to simply show up as we truly are.

This is full bodied on earth living, the direct experience of Divine Presence coming alive from within us – here.

Every Awakening Heart session or course is an invitation to the deeper discovery of this gift, a life of authenticity, real love, peace, joy, pleasure, and that which contributes to the restoration of the great balance as we walk through life meeting all that we encounter with greater clarity and the capacity to respond from our true nature.