At the heart of all spiritual traditions we find the same essential message, all life is One, One Heart, One Source, One Love, One Divinity, expressing itself through the miracle of creation within an unfathomable number of different forms. However as we have lost sight of that, our basic experience of life has become one of separation. We do not see reality as it truly is, rather we see the world from the vantage point of experiencing ourselves to be a someone who is separate from the rest of creation and the source of life itself, and this leads us into forming all kinds of behaviours to somehow deal with the pain of this feeling of isolation, that over time condition us on every level of our consciousness and subtle energetic system, restricting the natural expression or flow of our energy, which not only generates emotional issues in relation to how we have learnt to suppress or control our feelings but also creates blockages in our energy system which contribute towards illness or physical dis-ease. 

Through Divine Intention Awakening Heart has been specifically designed to release the conditioning that arises from out of this basic sense of separation on every level that it is found as well as to awaken us to reality, our natural wholeness and oneness with all of creation, within order that we can navigate through life from a space that is rooted within the realisation of our true nature.

This not only restoring the natural expression of our life-force, physical health, mental and emotional well-being, but also opening us to a tremendous depth of inner freedom as we realise that we are not defined by our self-image, our stories or our past. Making us much more available to what is here and now, fresh in the moment, and able to lovingly respond to all circumstance with deep intelligence informed by the wisdom of our open heart and alignment with truth.

Every Awakening Heart session or course thereby being far more than simply healing for mind, body or spirit as they provide an invitation to this deepest possible form of transformation. An awakening from out the experience of ourselves as a separate being and into the truth of the boundless freedom, love, joy and infinite potentiality that is already alive within us as our true nature.