Love In Action – Two Day Workshop

Beyond whatever it is we may have been conditioned to believe about ourselves, the world or others resides a profound depth of love, creativity and freedom. All ancient wisdom traditions have in some way recognised this, as at the heart of the spiritual path is a focus upon an inner awakening to our natural state of wholeness and radical aliveness, the power and presence of our true nature.

Over the course of a two-day workshop, we enter into a deep discovery of this natural wholeness through a letting go into love, gently melting the mechanisms of behaviour which keep us dissociated from our authenticity, our true feelings and voice, hiding behind masks, and our beliefs of who or what it is we need to be in order to fit in, survive and have our needs met.

Simple exercises, meditation, direct transmission and breath work facilitate a process through which whatever veils the expression of your true nature falls away. You are ‘loved into life’, welcomed in a way that perhaps you had never felt welcomed before – to show up, be here, exactly as you are. You are celebrated and seen in every aspect of your being with love, and that simple welcoming heals, transforms, brings new life into the body, and connects you with yourself, others, nature, and the Divine in recognition of our shared humanity.

You open to the freedom to be fully human, fully Divine, and in that every aspect of life is welcomed.

For further information regarding workshop dates, to register, or if you have any other inquiry please contact Aminya.